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IFPTI builds competency-based solutions for public- and private-sector food protection professionals. This translates to custom-designed learning organized around curriculum frameworks aligned with specific workforce competencies. Simply put, for any food protection or safety challenges anywhere in the world, IFPTI has the expertise, leadership and systems in place to help solve them.

Competency Survey

We are launching a survey to determine the value for developing competency-based training services for the food safety industry.

Thank you for your feedback, we highly value your input and expertise.

Fellowship in Food Protection

The IFPTI Fellowship Program is a unique, year-long program for food protection professionals who want to make a positive impact on the profession.

We are welcoming applications for Cohort VII until March 1, 2018.


Interactive National Curriculum Standard (INCS) was created with support from the Food and Drug Administration as one of the charges to the Partnership for Food Protection’s Training and Certification Workgroup.